Shanghai Suzy Lipstick

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Miss Cassandra Peony - Whipped Matte
Miss Tanielle Desert Rose - Whipped Matte
Miss Leah Baby Cocoa - Whipped Matte
Miss Kitty Black Plum - Whipped Matte
Miss Simone Baby Coral - Whipped Matte
Miss Amy Baby Pink - Whipped Matte
Miss Hannah Blood Red - Whipped Matte
Miss Sally Watermelon - Whipped Matte
Miss Leah Baby Cocoa - Satin Luxe
Pink Sapphire - Satin Luxe Limited Edition
Miss Brooklyn Rose - Satin Luxe
Miss Chloe Toffee - Satin Luxe
Miss Jacqui Pink Lace - Satin Luxe
Miss Steph Baby Lavender - Satin Luxe
Miss Olivia Apricot - Satin Luxe
Miss Celine Dusty Rose - Satin Luxe
Miss Sophia Lilac - Satin Luxe
Carnation - Whipped Matte
Dahlia - Whipped Matte
Poppy - Whipped Matte
Azalea - Whipped Matte
Berry - Whipped Matt Limited Edition
Lychee - Whipped Matt Limited Edition
Honey - Satin Luxe Limited Edition
Petal - Satin Luxe Limited Edition
Hibiscus - Satin Luxe Limited Edition
Mink - Satin Luxe Limited Edition
Jewel - Satin Luxe Limited Edition
Crystal - Satin Luxe Limited Edition
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Cheap and Chic! Fruity smells! This lipstick is amazing! Beautiful colours in matte whipped formula. We love Shanghai Suzy!

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