Who Am I? A Name Game of Hollywood Stars Knowledge Cards

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"Lights! Camera! Alias!" If you want to be a star, get yourself a proper name. Would Frances Ethel Gumm and Joe Yule Jr. have risen to the pinnacle of Hollywood stardom without changing their names? Would Woody Allen have won three Oscars if he had kept his given name? Maybe. But Hollywood wisdom decrees that actors and directors take on snappy, easily managed names.

Who Am I? A Name Game of Hollywood Stars is both educational and fun. On the front of each card are the birth name of a well-known actor and a clue or two to help with identification; on the back are the screen name and a biographical sketch. You can use the 48 cards to improve your knowledge or to challenge friends to a contest.

Deck size: 3 1/4 x 4 inches. Written by Jeff Burkhart.

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