Acrylic Dangle - Zest For Life Mandala "Goog" Mandala - Say It Sister

Acrylic Dangle - Zest For Life Mandala "Goog" Mandala

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Rob loved to colour and his walls were surrounded by his beautiful coloured images. This earring in particular was inspired by one of the images- he loved to colour mandalas and loved life. Robs nickname is "goog"

These mandalas are full of so many intricate pieces and are really filled with so much love and so many emotions

Ear piece: 15 mm x 15 mm (blue mirror)

Mandala: 45 mm x 45 mm (layered acrylics -full with mirror, glitter and solids) Face of mandala is black holographic premium glitter

Backing: Black solid acrylic


The ear post is glued securely to the back of the ear piece and all of our ear posts are surgical steel (great for those with sensitive ears/allergies)