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Mandarin Box White

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Shaped like a mandarin fruit and handpainted in classic white with a matte finish, the lid of our Mandarin Box White has been perfectly designed to shut tight and keep your treasures safe inside.
Jones & Co has always been known for our whimsical yet practical bone china designs. We create modern heirlooms to keep for years to come and pass down to generations. These sweet boxes nestle in the palm of your hand, creating a timeless energy.
Use them to hold table salt and sugar or precious trinkets on your dresser.
Designed in Sydney and handmade in the Philippines. Expertly cast moulds are created by our artisan makers, then hand-carved line by line. Each piece is then cast in bone china to form exquisite shapes.
Length: 8.8cm
Width: 8.6cm
Height: 8.3cm