Patricia Poodle Pink - Say It Sister
Patricia Poodle Pink - Say It Sister

Patricia Poodle Pink

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Picca Loulou Moon Parties are the best! In a magical world, not far from ours, live the wise and happy creatures of Picca Loulou. Together with their beloved friend Moon, they bring joy and happiness to children all around.

Patricia is picca Loulou's beauty queen. She just finished beauty school and her nr. 1 talent is HAIR. Who would've guessed. She doesn't leave the house without her comb, absolutely HATES rain and her motto is: ""A day without a blow-out, is a day wasted"". Will you let her work her magic on you too?

Your Picca Loulou item is handcrafted and made of cotton & linen, with a 100% recycled stuffing. You can wash it, but we don't recommend using a machine. Hand wash only.

25cm tall